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PE 300

PE 300 POLYETHYLENE has a number of technically important properties for wide use in industry and machine construction.

Trade names:

Tecafine, Tivar, Boralen, Cestidur, Cestilite, Lupolen, Okulen, Solidur, Polystrone, S-plastic


  • coverings for countertops and tables used in the food industry
  • sorters
  • slicers
  • impact-resistant carpets
  • elements of transport systems
  • pipelines
  • seals
  • guide strips
  • mining
  • bottling industry
  • for packaging and filling machines such as: transport screws, stars, rails, pulleys, pulleys, gears, slides, detection and cutting pads, used in the construction of water treatment systems

Properties of polyethylene

  • approved for direct contact with food, BGA and FDA approvals
  • very low sliding coefficient
  • high mechanical resistance
  • no water absorption
  • has the ability to reduce noise – dampen vibrations
  • PE has high notched impact strength
  • depending on the type, it is antistatic or insulating
  • good machinability
PE 300
PE 300 plates
1000×2000 mm, 1500×3000 mm, 2000x4000mm
from ≠ 2 mm to ≠ 120 mm
Black, Natural
PE 300 rods
1000 mm, 2000 mm
∅ 10 mm to ∅ 700 mm
Black, Natural
PE 300 sleeves
2000 mm
outside ∅ 30 mm to ∅ 200 mm
Black, Natural
The material is also available in other formats, colors and thicknesses on request.

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